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Why a Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

If you received dental work from multiple dentists over the years. The mismatched dentistry works against each other because the bite has been inadvertently altered causing symptoms like sensitivity, headaches and jaw/joint pains not to mention mismatched teeth colors and forms.

Full mouth rehabilitation will create the best aesthetic result and reestablish a stable bite required for a long lasting beautiful, functional and comfortable smile.

Did you know that changes in your smile might affect your speech? Dentists can create beautiful smiles, but without a thorough understanding of important functional principles, a smile makeover can lead to unwanted changes in speech and sore facial muscles.

  • The chewing system is also the organ of speech.
  • Phonetic sounds are actually shaped mechanically by various combinations of teeth, lips, and tongue.
  • The chewing system is also the organ of speech. Phonetic sounds are actually shaped mechanically by various combinations of teeth, lips, and tongue.

It is critical for the dentist to accurately determine the lip shape and teeth position that is compatible with making these sounds. A mismatch between lips and teeth will result in a tired face when talking a lot or facial fatigue at the end of the day.

One of the most common ways this principle is violated is making the upper front teeth too long. Not having enough space causes the teeth to bump into each other.

Creating a beautiful smile can have many negative impacts if the proper functioning of the teeth is not achieved. But when done correctly, changes to the front teeth can have a profoundly positive impact on the smile and overall facial appearance.

You can be assured Dr. Nathan Lim will give you a beautiful smile without compromising your speech!

What is Done in Reconstructive Dentistry?

Dr. Lim will replace all failing restorations and repair any cracked teeth. He will also deal with any infection and gum disease. Once stabilized, we focus on reconstruction and restoration of the bite and teeth with veneers, crowns and implants to replace missing teeth; and whitening if needed.

The end result is a harmoniously functional and beautiful smile that will not only last longer but will give you the ability to eat normally and comfortably, and have more confidence when you smile.

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